Successful entrepreneurs spend their weekends in the most unconventional way possible, different from most people. On Friday evening, we all can’t help but exclaim, ‘Thank God is Friday!’ The euphoric feeling is one that refreshes the mind totally and prepares it ahead for another work filled week. If you’re like most people, you might spend your Saturday cling to your soft bed without a need to let go. If perhaps you did let go, you probably will grab a popcorn and veg into watching some mindless movies. This might continue after breakfast and possibly, till sunset. Most of us are usually tempted to waste away the weekend, to have as much fun as possible before the new week unfolds.

Well, that is what most people do. What about entrepreneurs? These are unique beings that understand the concept of time perfectly; and they hardly dare to waste a second of it. If there’s a day to ruminate and ponder on some complexities or mind bugging issues about work, family and self.. Then it’s definitely on weekends. That doesn’t make them rigid or stop them from having the most out of the weekend, it prepares them. Let’s explore how entrepreneurs weekends are spent.



A successful entrepreneur doesn’t stay in bed till 5:30am on a Saturday morning, contrary to an employee who will find bliss by sleeping throughout the day. Irrespective of which day it is, morning is still the most productive time of the day. This is a timing that’s best for self-reflection. If they are to have a terrific weekend, they make it a duty to wake up earlier and prepare ahead.

Once they fling out of bed, they gulp down a glass of water and sit a little while on a couch. I usually mediate about 10 minutes before any other activities. Doing this clears the mind into helping you plan efficiently for the weekend.


This is something every entrepreneur looks forward to every weekend. A chance to jog around the morning sun and inhale the chilled fresh air, something that seem denailed during the working days. Not only does this relieve stress and tension, it helps relax the mind and further boost your mood.

The weekend is best for any cardio activities. You might prefer going to the gym, running for miles, or even riding a bicycle. Whichever work for you, go ahead with it and make sure you have fun. Most entrepreneurs spend their work week sitting down in their offices. That’s why exercise is a treasured activity that’s rarely overlooked.


This could be cleaning out your car of some dirt. If possible, taking it to a professional mechanic for servicing. You can use the weekend to tidy up your bedroom, your office or home at large. If it requires cutting down some grasses.. Then go ahead. This could also be the time you take a little closer look at the mirror. Are those bears going beyond the carved line? Do you require a new haircut? Or perhaps you as a lady who needs manicure or pedicure to stay aglow.

Take your personal grooming serous during weekends. Time to do that during working day might be lacking.


Weekends are perfect time for family reunion and reaching out to friends who seem distant due to the nature of work. We all need the interaction and company once in a while and weekends comes with such amazing opportunity. Sometimes we need a little argument.. A little laugh to get along with life.

You can take your family on a picnic, shopping or to tourist sites.. Or perhaps, use it to visit an old friend, even make new ones. Successful entrepreneurs recognizes the importance of social interaction and because of that, can’t do without it.

During a work free day, if there’s a thing you should be found doing, then it’s going to new places and having so much fun. With such event, you’ll surely find an opportunity to have a good laugh.


Most people might use this precious time to watch some terrific TV series, but entrepreneurs uses this time to outsource some important project that needs a little scanning before the new week unfolds. Although you don’t need to be carried away cause this is your weekend.

During this weekend evening, find a way to connect more with friends on social media. If it’s been long you chat with your friends on facebook or twitter, this weekend might be just perfect for that. Do you have friend request yet to be accepted? Where you mentioned in a post. You can also use this opportunity to upload that awesome selfie you took at the office.


When the weekend is at the verge of getting over.. You sit down in your favorite couch and plan for the upcoming week. Is there a project you will wish to finish? Is there a deal you want to strike? Plan as much as you can. is there a milestone you would love to reach? Don’t forget to draft them down in your diary or schedule.

Planning ahead for the next week is not only tied to your work, you have to take into consideration the foods and cloths you’ll need for the week. One frustrating thing you should never do is not washing your office dirty wears. If you’re a work at home entrepreneur, you still need to take care of some cloths. You never can tell when an important occasion might spring up.

entrepreneurs weekend fun

Weekends are usually fun! fun! fun..! Today Is Saturday and trust me, i’m going to have so much fun. I either go do some shopping, visit new fiends, or perhaps chat on social media. Please, have fun as much as you can. It prepares you ahead for the new week.

How do you wish to spend the weekend? Leave a comment!


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